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MMCX for PCB female/jack/socket connector gold pin


RF Coaxial Connectors

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MMCX for PCB board

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Product description

MMCX for PCB female/jack/socket connector gold pin

mmcx female straight connector is one of small size connector, it is very popular and widely used in low R.F leakage  circuits. 

Series MMCX connectors have push-in locking mechanism, characteristic resistance of 50ohms, This series of products has a body, small volume, light weight, reliba connection, easy to use and excellent electrical performance, such as special, self-locking structure makes it has a certain  seismic impect. It is widely used to connect radio frequency coaxial cable in micro communication and network equip


Temperature range:-15~+155       

 Insulation resistance:>1000Mohm         

Characteristic impedanced:50ohm 

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:500V(rms)         

Frequency range:0~6GHz         

Working voltage:170V(rms)

VSWR: <1.25         

Durability:500 cycles



Body:Brass,gold plated       

Male center contacts:phosphor bronze,gold plated       

Female center contacts:Bertllium copper,gold plated


Crimp ferrules:Copper alloy,nickel or gold plated






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