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L9 type products whether one have whorl,card lock connection device of organization,it apply to post and telecommunications communication equipment,figure buy the line device extensively,The radio instrument waits until joining the coaxial cable of the radio frequency to use in the radio frequency return circuit ,and can change each other with the products that IEC60169-13 stipulate. 


1.6-5.6 Coaxial Connectors for Applications in Communication Engineering
These advanced connector series were developed for reliable transmission of high bit-rates, with high mechanical and electrical stability as well as low space requirements. Ⅱ. Generation for application up to 4GHz, Ⅲ. Generation for application up to 12 GHz
1.6-5.6 connectors, Ⅱand Ⅲ generation, are unrestricted intermateable. 1.6-5.6 male connectors are available in different coupling mechanisms. Female types are connectable with all male types.
Male types coupling mechanisms:
Type A: Screw-on coupling
The connector is fitted with a coupling nut. This allows screwing plug and socket sections by hand in accessible locations.
Type B: Snap-on coupling
The sleeve of the male connector is equipped with a spring device to secure the plug in a groove situated on the body of the female connector. Fast connection or disconnection is possible.
Type B is available on request.
Type C: Slide-on coupling with centering sleeve
The movable (floating) inserted male connector used in a panel plate is provided with a conical insertion guide to facilitate its connection to the fixed part (female connector). The interconnection is a slide fit.
Type C is available as 1.6-5.6, Ⅲ. Generation, only.
Type F: Quick-lock automatic latching coupling
The latching sleeve of the plug is fitted with an additional spring device and snaps into the corresponding slot of the jack. By pulling the latching sleeve the connection can be unmated. Fast and simple connection and disconnection is possible.
Type F is available as 1.6-5.6, Ⅲ. Generation, only.
Product Features
Interface according to CECC 22 240
Quality tested according to IEC 60068
Frequency range
II. generation up to 4 GHz
III. generation up to 12 GHz
PTFE dielectric II. generation
LCP dielectric III. generation
High mechanical and electrical stability
Transmission of high bit- rates
1.6- 5.6 II. and III. generation are intermateable

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