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The QMA connector is a quick disconnect version of the SMA connector and shares the same internal construction. The QMA interface allows operation through 18 GHz and features best transmission characteristics in the range of DC to 6 GHz. The modified quick- lock mechanism enables fast, easy and reliable connections in tightest spaces and without assembly tools.

The QMA series offers a more convenient installation than SMA connectors. Typically, these connectors can be installed into a system 10 times faster than SMA connector. Another benefit is the denser packaging. The pitch can be reduced and the connectors can be rotated 360 degrees after they are mated which greatly improves the flexibility of installations.

Product Features
Interface according to QLF- Standard
Quality tested according to IEC 60169
Frequency range max. up to 18 GHz, optimized up to 6 GHz
VSWR (straight connector): ≤1.05 @ 3 GHz; ≤1.12 @ 6 GHz
Low Intermodulation: ≤-120 dBc @ 1.8 GHz (2x 20W)
Minimum pitch: 12.4 mm
Flexibility: 360° turnable
Cost effective, easy and 10 times quicker mounting than SMA (< 2 seconds)
Without assembly tools - no damaging.

Product Range
Cable connectors (straight and right angle) for flexible and semi- rigid cables
PCB connectors (straight and right angle), solder and SMD version
Panel connectors


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