RF connectors' polarity—standard or reverse (RP).

The difference between male and female RF connectors in terms of their polarity—standard or reverse(RP).

Most RF(radio frequency)connectors are commonly used on many of our products,such as radios,surge protectors,enclosures,coaxial cables,and antennas.These connectors,however,come in a variety of types.The most common connector types are these:SMA male or femal,N type male or femal,BNC,TNC,MMCX,SMB etc.

But now,Reverse Polarity connectors become more and more common.Gender and PolarityWhen you’re trying to identify male and female connectors,you may find it helpful to keep in mind the following:

When mating a plug and a jack,it is important to ensure that both connectors have the same polarity.For example,the plug and jack should both be RPSMA.

Typically,RF plugs are male,and the threads are on the inside of the shell.

Typically,RF jacks are female,and the threads are on the outside of the shell.

The shell of a plug(male)typically covers the shell of a jack(female).

Building off of these concepts,here are some more helpful descriptions:

A standard polarity male plug has a center pin that sticks out from the middle,and the plug’s shell has threads on the inside.Here we have shown an SMA plug,typically found on the end of a coaxial cable that connects to products such as cellular gateways or GPS receivers.


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